Culture of Change

Missouri Safe and Sober is a free and effective program that educates students on the dangers of drugs and alcohol while reinforcing positive decision making and responsibility.

Students participate in a video-based presentation that demonstrates the consequences of underage drinking. Students are then asked to sign a pledge to remain drug and alcohol-free until age 21. Positive peer pressure and support from parents and teachers holds students accountable to their pledge and creates a culture of change.

Missouri Safe and Sober engages parents with information about the dangers of drinking, as well as tips on setting limits and expectations for their teen about underage drinking.

“We chose to use Safe and Sober because it has been proven to be an effective program to use to bring schools, parents and students together in the fight against underage drinking.”
– Mickee Anderson, Counselor South Iron R-1

We make it easy

The Missouri Safe and Sober program is designed to deliver a powerful message in an easy-to-implement format.

Every aspect of the program is user-friendly: registration is quick, all of the program materials arrive in one convenient box, and pledge reporting is completed online. Our step-by-step guide will show you just how easy it is.

Read the step-by-step guide See how quick and easy it is to implement Missouri Safe and Sober

Safe and Sober creates a heightened awareness in the lives of high school
regarding constructive decision making. While our culture is glorifying
destructive decisions, Kurt Larson and the Safe and Sober campaign challenges our
students to do it right!
— Kirk Slater, Assistant Principal Hillcrest High School

Become a part of a growing movement

Since 2011, Missouri Safe and Sober has gathered pledges from over 98,000 high school students in 189 schools. And we’re just getting started.

So far, Missouri Safe and Sober has reached 23% of all Missouri high schools. We won’t rest until every teen has heard the facts about underage drinking. Register your school today, and let your students join the thousands of teens who have taken the pledge.

Read the step-by-step guide See how quick and easy it is to implement Missouri Safe and Sober

I have seen the Safe and Sober program make a real and meaningful impact on my
students. While sometimes it seems like young people are desensitized and
unresponsive to positive messages in the schools, Safe and Sober has been that rare
program that hits home with students.

— Todd Mincks, Nixa High School Counselor

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