Missouri Safe and Sober is a non-profit organization, founded by Kurt Larson of Larson Law Firm, that creates awareness about the dangers of drugs and alcohol and encourages teens to sign a pledge of sobriety until they are 21 years old. In 2013 Safe and Sober received a grant from the Missouri Department of Transportation to offer the program for FREE to all Missouri schools..

According to the CDC, the average child tries alcohol for the first time at age 12. Youth get drunk twice as fast as adults and have more trouble knowing when to stop and an adolescent may become addicted to alcohol much quicker than an adult because their brains are still developing until their mid 20s. The Safe and Sober Program is designed to give middle and high school students, parents and teachers the information they need to prevent underage drinking.


MoDOT and the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety are proud to support Safe and Sober. The program is using the latest in prevention education to deliver a very effective program to Missouri teens and their parents

-Joe Rickman, Missouri Department of Transportation

Safe and Sober has changed our school culture for seniors during the Prom and Graduation time. Our seniors seek each other out to be part of this program and sign the pledge card to be drug and alcohol free.

-Dr. Matt Pearce, Principal Glendale High School

Safe and Sober creates a heightened awareness in the lives of high school students regarding constructive decision making. While our culture is glorifying destructive decisions, Kurt Larson and the Safe and Sober campaign challenges our students to do it right!!

-Kirk Slater, Assistant Principal Hillcrest High School

I have seen the Safe and Sober program make a real and meaningful impact on my students. While sometimes it seems like young people are desensitized and unresponsive to positive messages in the schools, Safe and Sober has been that rare program that hits home with students.

-Todd Mincks, Nixa High School Counselor

This program has made a difference in the lives of Cassville High School students. It provides the students a way to publicly announce their decision to stay safe, be responsible, and be role models for others. The students know that the school, Mr. Larson, and the community care enough about them to support Safe and Sober.

-Elaine Boles, RN Cassville High School


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