In the last 3 years we have dramatically
increased the number of schools we've reached by 528%

Making a Difference

in 2013, the Missouri Safe and Sober program was presented to 10 times as many students as 2 years before. Although our program has made huge strides we want to do more and give more students the opportunity to take a pledge of sobriety until they are 21 years old.

Room For Growth

77% of schools unreached

Despite this exciting advance, we have a long way to go. 77% of Missouri high schools have NOT yet participated in the program. With your help we can continue to educate more Missouri students on the dangers of underage drinking.

About Kurt Larson

Kurt Larson has practiced law since 1992 and represents people who have been devastated by accidents caused by drivers under the influence. He is motivated to visit schools and talk with teens in hopes of making a difference in their lives before irreversible mistakes involving alcohol and drugs are made. Kurt, along with his firm Larson Law, dedicate a signifcant amount of time and resources to further the mission of Safe and Sober.

When the program started in 2004, Kurt had two teenagers, so he knows all too well the pressure that teens face. Even though they have grown, Kurt recognizes how hard those teenage years can be. “It’s so hard anymore,” he says. “When I was in school, beer and smoking cigarettes were the big challenge. Now, the pressures are far more dangerous: abuse of prescription medication, methamphetamine and binge drinking.”

Kurt is a graduate of Drury University and an ironman triathlete. He is involved with the Ozarks Greenways Trail, the Underage Drinking Task Force and the DWI Task Force. When he isn’t working or volunteering Kurt prefers to spend time with his wife and kids in the outdoors.

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